Welcome to post-term pregnancy. If you are reading this, you are one of the mothers-to-be rare 42 weeks of pregnancy. Do not let all the people ask where your child is and why they have not got to feel like something ugly. Every mom-to-be and the baby is different and the expiration date is just an estimate, sometimes due dates are wrong the calculations too! Therefore, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the achievement of 42 weeks of pregnancy. And even if you feel like a little mad with anxiety, remember: 98 percent of children emerge at the end of week 42. So soon you know the baby, I promise!

How Big Is Baby at 42 Weeks?

At 42 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is the size of a watermelon, greater than last week watermelon. The average fetus of 42 weeks measures 20.3 inches and weighs 8.1 lbs. Yes, the baby is growing up! But do not worry, he or she is unlikely to be too big to provide vaginal.

42 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months?

42 weeks of pregnancy is nine months and two weeks. Yes, it happens!

42 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

The symptoms of 42 weeks of pregnancy are probably the same as it has been feeling in recent weeks: leg cramps, sleep disturbances, back pain, pelvic pressure, hemorrhoids, frequent urination, contractions, perhaps more intense.

You may feel stressed at 42 weeks of pregnancy. Nobody said that after 40 weeks of pregnancy was easy! Try to be patient to let the child decide when to make his debut.

Know that at 42 weeks of pregnancy, the risks are higher than complications such as placental problems, low amniotic fluid, and pinched umbilical cord. And the baby has a slightly higher risk of having to go to neonatal intensive care. Continue to kick and tell your OB if you notice any change in the kick rate. Also tell your doctor immediately if you have painful symptoms 42 weeks of pregnancy, such as strange discharge, bleeding or abdominal pain.


42 Weeks Pregnant Signs of Labor

At 42 weeks of work pregnancy signs that they are waiting for! – It must start. Search:

Mucus plug and / or bloody spectacle. Dense secretion mucus-sometimes mixed with blood is a sign that the cervix prepares for delivery. It is often a sign that work will start shortly. Although a little early, we can not foresee!
Water breaking. If you have amniotic fluid leak or if you break the water in a huge jet, call your doctor. Delivery will probably start within a few hours.
Regular contractions. Alleluia! This is a sign that work is what it was probably anticipating more. These individuals are more intense than any Braxton Hicks contraction you might have been seeing, and, above all, do not go far. True job contractions occur several times at shorter intervals, and at greater intensity (hey!), And do not leave until the baby is born. (Hooray!)

Wondering how to induce labor to 42 weeks of pregnancy? They have probably tried natural methods like walking, sex, and acupuncture. But do not use to drink castor oil (probably just sick), intake of herbal supplements (it could be dangerous for you and the baby), or stimulate the nipples (the contractions may be too loud and dangerous For the child).

Because at 42 weeks of pregnancy an increased risk, the doctor may recommend an induction of the physician’s labor if the tests indicate that it is not certain that the baby stays in the womb for longer. The ways your doctor can induce labor is:

Membrane detachment. At 42 weeks of pregnancy, this technique could be the thing that sets the body over the edge. The doctor uses a finger to slide the entire amniotic bag. Released hormones often cause contractions within 48 hours.
Break your water. Using a tool that resembles a plastic hook, the doctor breaks the amniotic bag. This can cause contractions in a few hours.
Maturation of the cervix. A drug called prostaglandin is inserted vaginal during the night to dilate the cervix.
Stimulate contractions. You will be connected to a IV with a synthetic version of oxytocin. The drug may start with contractions.


42 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Because your 42-week-old baby has probably broken the cervix (the film covering the skin), the skin is probably a little dry at this time.

Due to the risks of 42 weeks of pregnancy, the OB child wants to follow closely. A 42-week pregnancy test, a non-stress test and contraction stress test to make sure the baby is still moving well, has amniotic fluid, breathes well, and has a healthy heart rate.

Be assured that while the baby is observed with an eagle eye, he or she is doing fine there. And he or she can be comfortable in your uterus, but can not stay there forever!

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