Bet you never envisioned being 41 weeks pregnant. But here you are! Because of your baby’s extra time in the womb, he or she’ll likely be heavier and more alert at birth than a baby born earlier would be. At week 41 of pregnancy, the anticipation might feel like it’s killing you, but rest assured that plenty of moms-to-be go past their due date and everything turns out just fine. You might actually be thankful to have had this extra time before dirty diapers and newborn feedings rule your world.

How Big Is Baby at 41 Weeks?

At 41 weeks the baby is as big as a watermelon. The average 41 weeks of fetus measures 20.4 inches in length and weighs 7.9 lbs.

41 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months?

41 weeks of pregnancy is nine months and one week of pregnancy. Consider too much!

41 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

The most common symptoms of pregnancy 41 weeks are a continuation of the other symptoms of the third trimester. In evidence:

Pelvic pain. The baby may fall more and more, putting pressure on the bladder and cervix and giving more pain and pain down.

Hemorrhoids. Pelvic pressure that causes swelling of varicose veins in the rectum, causing hemorrhoids. They are not enough, and can get worse when you press the baby. But finally the swelling die down.

Sleep disorders. They are hormones-yes the nerves! Which prevent them from sleeping well. You will not be sleeping long after the baby arrives, so this is good practice. But it is also a good idea to rest as much as possible for birth.

Frequent urination. The baby is sitting pretty well in the bladder at this point. Cue another trip to the bathroom!

Contractions. Abdominal tightening is becoming more and more often and dramatically when the baby is delivering.


41 Weeks Pregnant Signs of Labor

With time it hits 41 weeks of pregnancy, the signs of work could be written inside the eyelids. You probably know this heart! But just in case, here it goes. Call your doctor if you have:

A constant loss that can indicate that the water is broken.
Frequent or painful contractions that do not stop.

You also want to call your doctor if you have any of the symptoms of 41 weeks of pregnancy, such as bleeding or abdominal pain.

If you have 41 weeks of no work, try to be patient. Just because you’re 41 weeks and not nondilated means you can not go to labor. It’s really unpredictable so!


Inducing Labor at 41 Weeks Pregnant

41 weeks of pregnancy and ill? I do not blame you. Pregnancy after 40 weeks is not exactly fun. You’re great, you’re mentally ready for the baby, and all you see says, “You’re still pregnant. Go ahead and try all the natural methods of inducing labor in books, provided you make sure your OB first. Eat spicy food (if it does not give you heartburn), walking like a crazy, having sex (if you can yourself), and maybe trying acupuncture (even if you’re a skeptic)!

Your OB can begin discussing the possibility of having a medical induction at 41 weeks, and children who go too far beyond the expiration date may be at increased risk of trouble. Ask the doc a lot of questions about what’s involved and what is their specific risk of 41 weeks of pregnancy. Getting armor has some positive aspects (such as not having a waddle-run hospital during breastfeeding!). But there is something to say about not running the baby. Some women say that contractions are stronger and more painful during induction. Others say that it is more comfortable to expect that work begins at home than in a delivery room.

If you choose to have 41-week work, there are several ways to do this:

Pickling membranes. This is really a natural induction method, but the doctor will need to do it. Fortunately, it can be done at the doctor’s office and does not require a trip to the hospital. If you are willing to try this potentially painful procedure, your doctor will have your fingers through the amniotic sac, separating the membranes and releasing hormones that could stimulate the work. This does not always work, but if it does, it may work in a few hours.

Amniotomy (AROM). The doctor can break down the water for you using a thin plastic hook. This can be done if you have had contractions, but work has not progressed.

Drugs. Two types of medication can be used to induce labor to 41 weeks. A supposed prostaglandin can be inserted as a swollen night to initiate cervical dilation. Oxytocin can be given by IV to start contractions.


41 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

As expected the arrival of the baby, he or she is a little more. His 41-week fetus is growing even longer hair and nails. It’s not surprising that some babies come off with a head full of hair and ready for a hands-pediatric!

The physician can also order a non-stress test and ultrasound 41 weeks of pregnancy to make sure the baby is still good. This will probably help either to make a decision to induce or not.

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