Hooray! The baby has finally reached the full term! You probably feel you want to get this baby. Hell. Out. We’re not sure but the impatience and discomfort of mothers who are about 39 weeks pregnant (and beyond!) It might be the way of nature to get mentally prepared for delivery. Do you remember how they were scared before birth? Now, in week 39 of pregnancy, no matter what it takes, just do not want to be pregnant anymore!

How Big Is Baby at 39 Weeks?

At 39 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is as large as a pumpkin. His 39-week-old fetus is about 20 inches long and weighs about 7.3 pounds. And the baby continues to grow, while being so busy during the pregnancy of 39 weeks of pregnancy.

39 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months?

39 weeks of pregnancy is eight months and three weeks of pregnancy. Then, the week will be completed nine months pregnant and will reach the expiration date (for example, if it will not work this week). This is exciting!

39 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

The typical symptoms of 39 weeks of pregnancy – there are signs that work is happening now – are similar to what has been experienced in recent weeks. Most are signs that work will happen soon. This includes:

Braxton Hicks. At 39 weeks of pregnancy, cramping or tightening of your uterus may seem fairly constant, no matter what you do. Usually these false doggie depart at the front of the body and relieve when it changes position. You know it’s a real job when they start at the top of your uterus and become more frequent and regular.
Pelvic pressure. While getting in place for birth, the baby can sit so low that his lower trunk feels heavy and uncomfortable.
Lightning crotch. Because the baby is so low, their movements can affect some sensitive nerves, giving stinging sensations in its basin-yes, like a lightning strike! Yowch!
Mucus plug and / or bloody spectacle. At 39 weeks of pregnancy, the discharge is thick as the mucus, and sometimes the blood has a dye that is your mucus plug. (Blood is, you guessed it, the bloody spectacle.) And although many people think this is a sign that comes soon to work, there is no exact science, so it’s hard to say when.

If you are the mum-to-be rare is pregnant with 39 weeks two twins, praise to you! You have kept the children cooking, despite the chances of premature delivery and despite its general discomfort. You are probably feeling many symptoms of 39 weeks of pregnancy, including the need to take your pregnancy partner for 39 weeks of pregnancy and the world. Do not worry, in the end it’s so close!


39 Weeks Pregnant Signs of Labor

Other symptoms are the way your body tells you that the baby is about to arrive as soon as possible. At 39 weeks of pregnancy, signs of work are the greatest things in your mind. It’s important to know what they are, but do not worry too much about going to work without realizing it. In most cases, the symptoms of work are so strong and so different from what you experienced you can not ignore.

Call your OB if one of these occurs:

Water break. It can not be like in movies, you could have a slow jet instead of a huge jet of water. But if 39 weeks of pregnancy is draining water instead of its usual consistency, this probably means that the amniotic sac is broken and is likely to work in a few hours.

Regular contractions. If the belly becomes hard and has been repeatedly during a synchronized time contractions they begin. If you keep coming and the time between them decreases more and more, you are in the initial stage of the job. How long does this phase vary from mother to mother (yes, it will be a mom soon!), So keep your OB up to date, and follow the directions for the hospital at the time of active work being done.

When you are in 39 weeks of pregnancy, there are no signs of work might still be apparent, and it’s okay too! Being the mother-to-medium first goes into work for 41 weeks, and a second mother tends to go to 40 weeks. And while some women begin to show signs of work: dilated and / or eliminated cervix, regular contractions, etc., weeks or days before delivery, others range from zero to 10 centimeters dilated hours.


Inducing Labor at 39 Weeks

Now that you’re 39 weeks pregnant (in the end!) And itching to give birth, she asks how to induce labor naturally at home. The ingestion of castor oil and taking herbal remedies are not considered safe to eat spicy food and will not. But there are some things that are normally safe and able to work:

Walking. We ate on those sneakers and go for a long, long walk. It is not a clinically proven method of inducing labor at 39 weeks, but some experts believe that severity will push the baby down the uterus and pressure begins to dilate the cervix.
Acupuncture. Even in this case, it has not been proven, but there are some tests that suggest that this ancient practice regulates blood flow, which stimulates the cervix to dilate itself. Have sex. Some believe that having an orgasm can help trigger contractions. It could not hurt to try it, right?

For some women who are 39 weeks pregnant, your doctor may recommend a medical induction. The reasons for inducing work include complications (preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, heart disease), placental problems and uterine infection. Induction can also be recommended if you are 39 weeks pregnant with two twins or if the water broke, but the work did not start alone.


39 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Within the belly 39 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is likely to flex their limbs now. The baby’s brain is still developing rapidly: he or she is getting smarter a week! Baby nails can extend beyond the tip of the fingers now.

An ultrasound test and without the stress of 39 weeks pregnancy could be to check your baby’s wellness, especially if you are 39 weeks pregnant with two twins. After seeing the results of these tests, your doctor may say that everything looks like A-OK, or you might recommend a premature delivery.

At 39 weeks of pregnancy, there is nothing to do without seeing your doctor every week, waiting for the baby to keep your mind busy with small tasks. If you do, great. Otherwise, no problem. We know it’s hard to relax, but let’s try

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